After careful exegetical study of this text I was able to extract three (3) characteristics that we must have if we are to live without measure, if we are to bring down the walls and remove the limits in our lives.

The first characteristic we must have is responsibility:

When God enlarges the realms of our influence; he will also enlarge our realm of responsibility. By enlarging our arena of responsibility, He will expand our span of concern and care. Responsibility compels us to be accountable for who we are, what we have and what we do. This responsibility as it relates to us Christians suggests that we fulfill our duty, no matter what obstacles we may encounter, and that we shoulder even more responsibility when others hold back.

The second characteristic we must have if we are to remove the limits is maturity:

God is requiring a greater maturity from us than ever before. And the more God increases our influence, the more responsibility we will face, the more maturity we will need. The level of responsibility we as Christians are willing to accept comes with maturity, the maturing of how we view ourselves in relationship to God and others.

The third is a selfless life:

The selfless life means that “self” has been crucified and therefore has no say in what should be done. So, we must refuse to fulfill our own personal agenda, our own interests, even consider our own welfare. We also must refuse to manipulate the things and the people around us to our own advantage. We can no longer be consumed with fulfilling our own goals.

God is saying “I’m not a man I can not lie I know the plans I have for your life…I am asking you to dream to again…believe again…and take the limits off me. No I’m not a man I can not lie I the know the plans I have for you their my design…so I’m asking you just to hope again and trust again and take the limits off of me. The Lord is saying take the limits off release me to accomplish what I promised you…release me.”

God is saying “Take the Limits Off your marriage…Take the Limits off your children…Take the Limits Off your career…Take the Limits Off your ministry…Take the Limits Off your Finances…Take the Limits off your education…Take the Limits off your relationships…Take the Limits off your church…Take the Limits off your Pastor…Take the Limits Off…Take the Limits Off.”

No Limits…2017
By Apostle Ebenezer Dei